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How much do you know about Dance Moms' 3rd season?

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Who dances with the seniors in the season 3.5 premiere?She also went on a date with a boy and got cake in her face in this episode
Which two girls get the same solo this season?
Which dance from this season is about cancer?
What is Chloe's hip-hop solo from this season called?This was the first hip-hop solo on the show!
In the group dance 'Gone too soon', who does Maddie portray?
Who does Chloe portray in the same group dance?
Who does Nia portray in the same group dance?
Who’s apron falls down during her solo?Fun fact: the second version of this dance had a music glitch. This is another cursed Maddie solo!
Who didn't compete during episodes 24 and 25?what studio?
Which AUDC dancer joins the Candy apples in episode 24?Her mom is the most annoying person on the planet
QuestionAnswerFun Facts/Hints
Which member of Cathy’s team gets kicked off?Their last solo was conveniently called 'one last goodbye'
Which girl got to specially perform on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?This solo was also performed in the recital
Who had their solo taken away the day of the recital dress rehearsal?This causes her mom to storm out and not come back for several weeks
Who replaces Paige and Brooke for several weeks?
Who gets a solo to their own song in episode 33?Fun fact: This song is about how this girl feels about the drama on dance moms and how she dances to cope!
What is Mackenzie and Asia's dance battle duet called in episode 34?
Who has a panic attack and forgets their solo in episode 35?Fun fact: her solo costume was about $500!
Who falls during a trick in the group dance in episode 36?The trick was pretty hard
Which dancer decides to leave before the competition in episode 37?Fun fact: she had a short-lived lifetime show in 2014
Which two moms get kicked out before nationals due to a fight in episode 37?Ally Seringe from the replacements comes in to help the group because of this!

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