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Which mom is missing in the first episode, which causes a sit-in in episode 2?This mom gets in legal drama in season 4
How many girls are on Abby's replacement team in episode 2?
Which replacement girl stays the longest?
What team is Abby afraid of in episode 5?
What is Cathy's new team consisted of?
Why is there no one on top of pyramid in episode 6?'I haven't placed (placement) in 20- 25 years'
who dropped their hat in episode 6's group 'Pink Lemonade'?She is suspended in episode 7 for her and her mom causing a scene at the competition
What condition does Nia have that causes her foot to hurt?answer is abbreviation for the condition
Which two moms have a rocky friendship this season?'Well maybe you should get fined!'/Partners in crime
What is the name of Abby's dog,that passes away in episode 9?
What do the moms try to do with the group dance in episode 9?
Who does Maddie dedicate her episode 9 solo 'showing you my heart' to?
What does Nia win for her episode 9 solo 'Breaking my heart'?Her mom was a big help for this award ;)
Which boy is in the group dance 'Your dream will be my dream' in episode 10?He is also in the group dance 'Twilight' from season 2.5.
Which girl gets sick in episode 10,which raises Jill and Abby's concern.abby you're not a doctor chill
What is the name of the army-themed dance from episode 11?
Mackenzie does what for the girls group in episode 12?
Who forgets the group dance in episode 12?
What do the moms get in episode 13?'I'd rather show my boobs than my belly' (Gee thanks for the info jill)
In episode 13,what two sisters get a duet?
QuestionAnswerrandom facts/hints
Which mom was secretly married?
Who joins the team in episode 14?She was also on season 1 of AUDC!
Which mom considers home-schooling?
What do the moms take the girls to do in episode 17?
When Abby finds out what the moms had the girls do for fun,what was the punishment?
Who didn't get punishment?She didn't ice skate obviously (party pooper :( )
What is the group dance 'Runaways' about?it's kinda obvious but :/
Who gets criticized in front of the whole audience in episode 18?This gets her a solo in the next episode :)
Who dances with the seniors in the season 3.5 premier?She also went on a date with a boy and got cake in her face XD
Which two girls get the same solo choreography in episode 23?
Which dance from season 3.5 is about cancer?
What is Chloe's hip-hop solo from episode 28 called?
In the group dance 'Gone too soon',who portrays Princess Diana?
Who had their solo taken away the day of the recital dress rehearsal
Who gets a solo to their own song in episode 33?
What is Mackenzie and Asia's duet called in episode 34?I love this duet :)
Who has a panic attack in episode 35?She forgets her solo this episode too
Which two moms get kicked out before nationals in episode 37?
Which dancer decides to leave to become 'more professional' in episode 37?She had a show called 'Raising Asia', but it flopped
Which former replacement team member is in the dance 'home again' in episode 37?she was the lead in angels and demons

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