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Can you name the Dance moms:Season 2.5 dances? Includes solos,duets,trios and groups

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The Battle beginsgroup
The Battle Beginssolo | chloe
The Battle Beginssolo | mackenzie
The Battle Beginstrio
Night of the Living Dancersgroup
Night of the Living Dancerssolo | chloe
Night of the Living Dancerssolo | maddie
Night of the Living Dancersduet
I Know What You Did Last Competitiongroup
I Know What You Did Last Competitionsolo | nia
I Know What You Did Last Competitionsolo | mackenzie
I Know What You Did Last Competitionsolo | maddie
I Know What You Did Last Competitionduet
Maddie has a secretgroup
Maddie has a secretsolo | chloe
Maddie has a secret2 solos | maddie (name one)
How Do You Like Them Apples?group
How Do You Like Them Apples?solo | paige
How Do You Like Them Apples?solo | chloe
Worst Birthday Party Ever!group
Worst Birthday Party Eversolo | chloe
Worst Birthday Party Eversolo | payton
Worst Birthday Party Eversolo | maddie
Worst Birthday Party Evertrio
Guess Who's Back?group
Guess Who's Back?solo | nia
Guess Who's Back?solo | paige
Guess Who's Back?solo | maddie
Break a Leggroup
Break a Legsolo | maddie
Break a Legsolo | mackenzie
Break a Legduet
Revenge of the Candy Applesgroup
Revenge of the Candy Applessolo | chloe
Revenge of the Candy Applesduet
The recital to end all recitalsgroup
New Girl In Towngroup
New Girl In Townsolo | nia
New Girl In Townsolo | chloe
New Girl In Townsolo | mackenzie
Solo Feversolo | paige
Solo Feversolo | kendall
Solo Feversolo | nia
Solo Feversolo | maddie
Solo Feversolo | mackenzie
Solo Feversolo | chloe
Solo Feversolo | brooke
Nationals 90210group
Nationals 90210solo | brooke
Nationals 90210solo | maddie
Nationals 90210solo | chloe
Nationals 90210solo | mackenzie

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