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Who is the new girl on the team this season?She leaves temporarily, and comes back permanently
Who is trapped in a box for the episode 1 group dance?
Which mom misses pyramid because of work in episode 1?
What is Kendall's first ALDC solo called (from episode 1)?
What dance pokes fun at Candy Apples dance center in episode 2?
Which CADC girl got disqualified because she was put in the wrong age division in episode 2?Not a smooth move Cathy :/
Who temporarily quits dance for cheerleading in episodes 3 and 4?
Which two girls have been on probation?
What dancer made abby cry in episode 5?
What dancer fell on her butt during her solo in episode 6?
Which mom tried to use an old costume for their kid's solo in episode 6?
Who threw a shoe in the dressing room in episode 6?'I can't take her seriously with that hat!'
Which dance involves guns as a prop in episode 7?This dance was previously unaired the season before (Titled 007)
In episode 8,where does Jill take Kendall to dance instead of the aldc?
What was Kendall's first CADC solo called in episode 8?It ruined Nia's chance to shine :(
Which girl was in a Beef jerky commercial for cathy's husband's store in episode 9?Cathy's studio is right next to her husband's beef jerky store
Which dance makes the girls look as if they're naked in episode 9?'I can fit this on my american doll' (This episode has since been banned in America)
Which girl gets plantar warts in episode 10?
Which girl forgets their solo and gets to go again in epsiode 10?She places 3rd :)
QuestionAnswerrandom facts/hints
Which girl got to dance at a halftime show for the Harlem Globetrotters in episode 10?
Which CADC girl broke her ankle in episode 11?She shared solo music with Chloe in season 1
Which girl forgets her solo in episode 13?Warning: The world according to abby exploded after this
Which girl slips on her sleeve in episode 14?
Which girl's solo music skipped, but she continued to dance in episode 15?'What is it with this solo?'
What solo earns Mackenzie her first crown in episode 16?She performed this dance at a children's hospital!
In episode 17,which girl performs two solos?She performed at two Starpower competitions too, and slayed both dances (woo!)
Who are the three ringers Abby used for her group 'Land unforgiving' in episode 18?first names only (hint: order is alphabetical. To make lives easier)
Who had their solo re-choreagraphed by their mom in episode 18?This solo was previously pulled twice
Who came back to the aldc in episode 20?
Who got a standing ovation for their solo?
What girl hurts her foot from doing a standing back tuck in episode 20?She was supposed to have a duet with chloe the next week :(
Who was a fill-in for a duet with Chloe in episode 21?
Who got the role of Young deb in Drop Dead Diva?Abby made an appearance too, go check it out! :)
Who is the new girl who joins the team in episode 24?
What is her mom's name?She gets in a fight with Jill in season 3 and is kicked out of the competition
Who forgot their solo and improvised in episode 26?She did this in episode 5 season 3
what was the last text based on?The last text was shown on the view!

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