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What does Abby use to rate her students?
Who is usually on top?
Where is the first competition held at?
Who joins the team in the first episode?I've talked to her mom on twitter :)
Which mom causes Abby to call the cops?
Who's headband falls off in the trio
Who gets burned by a curling iron?
Who gets sick during dance?
What is Maddie's first solo on the show?
What is the first duet called?
Why do the moms dislike the group dance in episode 2?
what would Brooke rather do instead of dance?
what is the first group dance mackenzie is in?
What is Vivi's first solo called?
Who is the first girl to forget her solo?
Was there a group dance in episode 4?it wasn't shown until season 2!
Who does two solos in episode 4?
Who choreographs a mom dance?and of course she took over afterwards...
What is the group dance from episode 6 about?
Who does Maddie dedicate her 'angel' solo to?Bopcha died when melissa was younger
Who does Brooke have to go on a date with?he was in the dance 'snapshot'
What are the costumes for Snapshot?
What is Paige's unseen solo called?from abby's dance-a-thon
What body part does Brooke hurt in her solo 'metamorphosis'?
What does Abby take the girls out for as a treat?
What candy apples student copies chloe's solo?she breaks her ankle in season 2
Who teaches Nia the death drop?
Who says they don't want to dance anymore and forgets their solo at nationals?
Who gets the role of little lux?

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