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Can you name the Dance moms: Season 7 dances

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Fight for your lifeSolo/ Brynn
Fight for your lifeSolo/ Kendall
Fight for your lifeGroup
Abby's Worst Nightmareduet
Abby's Worst Nightmareduet
Abby's Worst NightmareGroup
Return of the Rotten ApplesSolo/ Kendall
Return of the Rotten ApplesGroup
Winner Takes allSolo/ Daviana
Winner Takes allSolo/ Kalani
Winner Takes allgroup
New kid on the blocktrio
New kid on the blocktrio
New kid on the blockgroup
No Clowning AroundSolo/ Camryn
No Clowning AroundSolo/ Maesi
No Clowning AroundSolo/ Nia
No Clowning Aroundgroup
The Fresno Curseduet
The Fresno Curseduet
The Fresno Cursegroup
ALDC aint dead yetSolo/ Elliana
ALDC aint dead yetSolo/ Lilliana
ALDC aint dead yetgroup
Battle of the blondesSolo/ Brynn
Battle of the blondesSolo/ Lilliana
Battle of the blondesSolo/ Maesi
Battle of the blondesgroup
Breathless in DenverSolo/ Kalani
Breathless in DenverSolo/ Kendall
Breathless in DenverSolo/ Nia
Breathless in DenverGroup
Leaving La La LandSolo/ Elliana
Leaving La La LandSolo/ Lilliana
Leaving La La LandSolo/ Maesi
Leaving La La LandGroup
It's Not Always Sunny in PittsburghSolo/ Camryn
It's Not Always Sunny in PittsburghGroup
Same Old FrenemiesSolo/ Brynn
Same Old FrenemiesSolo/ Elliana
Same Old FrenemiesSolo/ Lilliana
Same Old FrenemiesSolo/ Kalani
Same Old FrenemiesGroup

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