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What is the dance 'Girls night out' really about?this happened in season 3's national episode
What is the solo 'Birthday' about?^
Which two headshots were switched during pyramid in episode 1?
Which girl cried about her hair in episode 1?
Which two girls get solos based on popstars, twice?
Which trio tests Brooke's lipsyncing/dancing skills in episode 3?This is a Brooke, Chloe, paige trio!
Which girl had a panic attack in episode 4?
Which group pokes fun at Cathy in episode 4?
What dance tests Mackenzie's lipsyncing/dancing skills in episode 5?
Which girl briefly joined the team in episode 6 and shares a name with a member?
How many open call auditions did Abby have?
Which AUDC girl joined the team in episode 7?
Which mom gets in a fight with abby in episode 7 and gets expelled as well as her kids?
Who was the only girl to have a solo in episode 8?
Who re-uses their costume from the previous season for a solo in episode 9?this costume is also seen in season 3 episode 36!
Who pulls a dance in episode 11 and re-enters it in episode 13?
Which girl briefly joins the team in episode 11?
Which girl re-preforms cry in episode 12?
Which girl gets a drag queen makeover in episode 12?
Which mom was on the pyramid as a joke in episode 13?think of who hit abby
Which girl was not in the group dance in episode 14?don't worry, she had a solo! :)
How many girls are on the new team?
Which select mom is the rudest/most annoying mom?
Which main mom has nicknames for the select moms?(My favorite nickname is either Christ-y or Dud-muffin)
How many times does the select ensemble beat the originals?
Which two select moms got in a fist fight
Which two scores does Abby try to change from episode 16?
Which select girl gets kicked out the most because of her mother
QuestionAnswerExtra facts/hints
Which select mom does Kira hate?Sarah R.'s mom
Which original girl starts crying because their team lost in episode 21?'Stop crying, Tell her to stop crying!'
Which former Candy Apples boy does a duet with maddie in episode 22?
What does the boy have to in his duet with Maddie in episode 22?The most awkward dance in history
What does Christy call Abby when Sarah's costume doesn't come in in episode 23?Abby calls Dawn the same name in the very first Dance Moms episode
What was episode 24's group dance about?
Who was benched from the group dance in episode 24 for weak improv?This girl also struggled to improv in season 3's national rehearsal
Who's prop breaks and is kicked off the select team in episode 25?Her team replaced Candy apples in seasons 5.5 and 6
Who is entered last minute to compete against Ava in episode 26?this girl danced her solo from the previous episode
Who is the lead in episode 26's group dance?
What did the moms do to show Abby's negative teaching methods?
Which girl is the only girl to not compete 'Fool me once' as a solo?she was in the trio version, and the song's music video!
What was the name of the group Abby pulled in episode 27?This was shown in the season 5 pre-season episode: Girl talk
Who portrays Maya Angelou in their solo in episode 28?This solo has a speaking portion, and was later performed in the showcase
Who is the seventh dancer in episode 28's group dance?this is her only appearance
Who had a buckle fracture in their foot and couldn't dance in the showcase in episode 29?She cried watching the showcase group dance :(
Who was kicked out of the showcase in episode 29?She gets kicked out the most
Who did Abby say was NOT to have a solo at nationals?She was on Jimmy Kimmel, so she would not have time to rehearse
What was the dance 'Amber Alert' about?Think of the kids on the milk carton
Where were the dance moms girls at in episode 30?They had a dance off here before nationals
Who showed up to have a dance off with Abby in episode 30?She had a megaphone too
What team won the group part of the dance-off in episode 30
Which Sia song did the CADC use in their group dance in episode 31?Bridgette played this song to try and psyche maddie out in the dressing rooms
Who fell during her solo?According to wikia, She seriously hurt her tailbone
Which ALDC group won nationals?(Not the title of the dance)
Who had the highest scoring ALDC solo in episode 31?5th (it was tied with 6th but had a higher technique score)
Who left the ALDC after a blowout between their mom and Abby in episode 31?This fight wasn't physical, but they edited over a really rude part

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