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How much do you know about Dance Moms' 5th season?

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Which original dancer was missing at the beginning of the season?
Who came back from season 4 at the start of the season?She was also the first person on dance moms to dance in heels!
Where does Abby intend on taking the girls for a majority of the season
Which former student threatened to sue Abby?
Which two dancers finally go head-to-head in episode 2?
Which one of the two dancers came out on top?
What Netflix show is 'Stomp The Yard' based on?Fun fact: Molly Long choreographed this dance!
Which select team member shows up at the competition in episode 2?According to her mom, Abby was being rude to her backstage in this episode!
Which former AUDC contestant fills in for Maddie in episode 3?
Which former select team member performs a lyrical solo in episode 3?The solo was supposed to be for someone else, but they couldn't do it
Who had a speaking role in the religious group dance in episode 3?She also had speaking parts in a season 4 solo!
Who was Maddie dancing for that caused her to be absent in episode 3?This performance was at the Hollywood Bowl!
What disney movie is the group dance based off of in season 4?
Which girl was not in the group dance in episode 4?She was also not in several other dances
Who does Abby yell at in the dressing room in episode 4?
Which member of Nia's family was in the hospital?
What is the name of the studio they rehearse at throughout the season?This studio also makes apperances throughout the later seasons!
What team rivals the ALDC while in Los Angeles?Fun fact: their choreographer created a dance for Cathy in season 4 that was pulled and competed 2 episodes later!
What was the name of Kalani's unaired solo from episode 5?Fun fact: both solos this episode recieved a perfect score in their division!
Who's music stops during their solo in episode 6?Fun fact: this is the first time this has happened since season 2 with Maddie's solo!
What movie is Jojo's solo based off of in episode 6?My favorite Stephen King movie!
Who suffers from head lice in episode 6?
Who meets with a music producer without Abby's permission?Well, technically her mom did too, but I only included the girl.
QuestionAnswerFun Facts/Hints
What is the name of the youtuber who wanted to make a music video with the girls?The song is called Turn Up The Track
What is the name of the duet which had their music stop mid-performance in episode 8?
What is the name of the studio that most of the girls in 'No Laughing Matter' come from?Well, except for Mackenzie
Who was pulled from the group in episode 9?She was in the unjudged version, though!
What is the name of the girl who guest dances with the team in episode 10?She later becomes a core member in season 6
What does the ALDC steal from cathy in episode 10?
Which girl receives her jacket in episode 11?This was after the girls read their pros and cons of having her on the team
What is the name of the music video Maddie did with Shia Lebouf?
Who rivals the ALDC in episodes 12 and 13?This particular team is called 'Abby's rejects'
What board game is the episode 12 group dance based on?
What show did Maddie appear on that caused her to be absent in episode 13?
What music group is the episode 13 group dance based on?
Who gets first place for their solo for the first time in episode 13?
Who does Abby decided to promote in music?
What is the name of the group dance in episode 14?This dance was performed on the view for a girl with cancer, but with different costumes!
What accessory do the girls wear for 'The Rose Garden' to represent thorns?
Who comes back to rival ALDC in episode 15?
Who do most of the team members meet with that caused Nia to 'cry herself to sleep', according to Holly?
What is the name of the song that the music video is filmed for in episode 16?
Who is featured in the Candy Apples group dance for the first time since season 2?
What does Cathy steal from Jill?
What competition did some of the girls attend off the show in episode 17/18?
What dancers filled in for Kendall and Kalani for solos in episode 18?Fun fact: the competition these solos took place at was on my birthday!

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