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EpisodeDanceDance type/Props
When Stars CollideGroup/lollipops
Dying To DanceGroup/swingset
She's a fighterGroup/chairs
Love on the dance floorSolo (Paige)/Balloon
From Ballerinas to showgirlsSolo (Chloe)/Basket
It all ends hereGroup/Mirrors
Everyone's replaceableGroup/Doll Box
Return of the Candy ApplesSolo (Brooke)/Apple
Return of the Candy ApplesGroup/Basket of Apples
No one likes a bullyGroup/'Kick me' sign
Bullets and BalletGroup/Guns
The runaway momGroup/Bouquets
Topless ShowgirlsGroup/Fans
Miami Heat waveGroup/Umbrella
Melissa pleads the fifthGroup/Box
AbbygeddonGroup/Jail bars
The battle beginsSolo (Mackenzie)/Shoe
Night of the living dancersGroup/Podiums
I know what you did last competitionSolo (Maddie)/Doll
I know what you did last competitionGroup/Spoon
How do you like them apples?Solo (Paige)/Chair
Guess who's back?Solo (Nia)/Case
Guess who's back?Solo (Maddie)/Letter
Revenge of the Candy ApplesSolo (Chloe)/Lantern
Revenge of the Candy ApplesGroup/Bonnet
The recital to end all recitalsGroup/Fake fire blower thingy?
Solo FeverSolo (Paige)/Couch
Solo FeverGroup/Bags
Nationals 90210Solo (Brooke)/Diary
Nationals 90210Group/Car seat
But I'm a National Champion!Group/Red carpet
Rotten to the coreSolo (Kendall)/Mask
Rotten to the core Group/Stand thing??
EpisodeDanceDance type/Props
You've been unfriendedDuet/Chair
All's Fair in love and warDuet/Shovels
The apple of her eyeGroup/Bus seats
The Politics of DancingGroup/American Flag
Two girls, One soloGroup/Ribbon
Clash of the Dance MomsGroup/Wave ledge
The Dancing DeadSolo (Chloe)/fan
Abby strikes backTrio/Microphone stand
No one is safeSolo (Mackenzie)/Microphone
Clash of the ChloesGroup/Chair
Wingman DownDuet/Frame
Wingman DownGroup/Concessions box
Nothing's fair in AbbyvilleGroup/Apple (temporary prop)
No solo for youSolo (Kendall)/Pointe shoes
Double the moms, Double the troubleGroup/Ouija board
Double the moms, Double the troubleGroup 2/Bench
Three soloists, one starSolo (Kendall)/Mirror
Three soloists, one starGroup/Tambourines
Chloe gets revengeSolo (Ava)/Umbrella
No more crybabiesGroup/Stand
The Understudies/Girl talkGroup (Unseen)/Candle
45 second solosGroup/Stand with diamond
Hollywood here we comeGroup/Chair
99 problems but a mom aint oneSolo (Kendall)/Staff
99 problems but a mom aint oneGroup (Nia's prop)/Weights
Nia's last chanceSolo (Kendall)/Suitcases
Video killed the ALDC starSolo (Kendall)/Staff
West Coast Strikes BackSolo (Kendall)/Top hat with flowers inside
Solo Battle: Round 1Group/Fence
Baby Dance Mama DramaSolo (Kendall)/scarf
Nia vs. Kalani: Winner takes allGroup/Umbrellas
Chaos at nationalsGroup/Hospital Chairs
New season, New rulesGroup/Inflatable ball
EpisodeDanceDance type/Props
Abby vs. MelissaSolo (Mackenzie)/Couch
Abby vs MelissaSolo (Kendall)/Vanity
Abby's New FavoritesMini group/Cavemen clubs
Maddie is Backsolo (Jojo)/Syringe
Nia Saves The Daygroup/Ballet Barre
Abby Lee Horror Storysolo (Maddie)/Axe
Abby's New Beginningduet/ purse (and hat?)
Return of the minisduet/ telephone wire
Abby, You're Fired!group/swords
Abby, You're Fired!solo (Kalani)/chair
Jojo is a no showgroup/table with phones
Jojo is a no showmini group/instruments
ALDC for sale?group/sheet
Fight for your lifesolo (Kendall)/ throne
Return of the rotten applesgroup/ car keys
New Kid on the blockgroup/ cardboard walls and radios
No clowning aroundsolo (Nia)/letter
The Fresno Cursegroup/ rag
ALDC aint dead yetgroup/ shovel
ALDC aint dead yetsolo (Elliana)/ cane
Battle of the blondesgroup/ rose petals
Battle of the blondessolo (brynn)/ face wrap
Leaving la la landgroup/violin bow
Out With Abby, In With ChloeGroup/Leashes (on the minis)
All Choked UpGroup/doors
Ashlee's Big DecisionSolo (Maesi)/Staff
There's a new team in townGroup (Irreplacables)/Chairs
Everyone's Replacable...Even AbbyGroup (minis)/Cloths?
Everyone's Replacable...Even AbbyDuet/Vanity and accessories
Everyone's Replacable...Even AbbyDuet/Door and Vanity
Under Cheryl's SpellGroup/Cauldron

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