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Can you name the Everything from the movie Road House?

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Name of the Patrick Swayze's character
Name of the town he travels to
Name of the Night Club he is hired to fix up
The Band that plays nightly at the Night Club
The car Swayze drives to the new town
The car Swayze buys in the new town (not the previous answer)
Where does he live above?
What is his landowners name?
Who lives across the lake? (The bad guy)
Who, to Patrick Swayze's character, is the best cooler in the business
Who plays 'the best in the business'?
What did Swayze's character do in Memphis?
Who owns the Auto shop?
What does Swayze's character practice in the sunlight?
Who used to be married to Brad Wesley?
Whats the blonde doctors name?
What song does the blonde **** strip naked to?
Who is Wesley's right hand man?
Whose place is blown up first?
How is Wade Garrett killed?
What does it say on the note on Garrett's chest?
What does Wesley drive a monster truck threw?
How does Jimmy die?
What does Jimmy say to Swayze's character during the final fight?
What does Tinker say when he's asked if he saw anything at the final scene in the movie?

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