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Little red monster with his own TV show
Loves trash and grumpiness
Lives in a trash can with an elephant
An avid pigeon lover and paperclip collector
Loves bathtime with his rubber ducky
Muppet original famous for 'The Rainbow Connection'
Big. Yellow. Flightless...(presumably)
member of the Triangle Lovers Association
Depressed woolly mammoth
Sesame street's answer to Hannah Montana
Her best friends include a pet rock and a red muppet
1! Ah ah ah! 2! Ah ah ah!
Frequently fainting monster with varying occupations including waiter and superhero
Husky voiced host of 'Monster Hits!'
Speech-impaired best friend of Telly
3-year old fairy-in-training
'America's favorite game show host' with the big smile
One grouchy girlfriend
Mexican guitar-playing muppet
Nocturnal saxaphone player
Egad! What a disaster of a detective!
Martians...Ah-huh Ah-huh; nope, nope, nope.
Much-beloved and missed proprietor of sesame street's general store
Also portrays a grubby superhero
Nurse, wife and mother.
Loving couple and owners of the Fix-it-Shop
Embarked on a search for the Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti
Silent slapstick demonstrator and assistant to Elmo

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