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QUIZ: Can you name the Constellations in Order of Size?

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Forced Order
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Rank in SizeConstellationEnglish Name
1The Water Snake
2The Maiden
3The Great Bear
4The Sea Monster / Whale
5The Kneeling Hero (of 12 Labours)
6The River
7The Winged Horse
8The Dragon
9The Centaur
10The Water-Bearer
11The Serpent Bearer
12The Lion
13The Herdsman
14The Fishes
15The Archer
16The Swan
17The Bull
18The Giraffe
19The Chained Maiden
20The Stern (of Argo Navis)
21The Charioteer
22The Eagle
23The Serpent
24The Hero
25The Ethiopian Queen
26The Hunter
27The Ethiopian King
28The Lynx
29The Scales
30The Twins
Rank in SizeConstellationEnglish Name
31The Crab
32The Sail (of Argo Navis)
33The Scorpion
34The Keel (of Argo Navis)
35The Unicorn
36The Sculptor
37The Fire Bird
38The Hunting Dogs
39The Ram
40The Sea Goat
41The Furnace
42Berenice's Hair
43The Greater Dog
44The Peacock
45The Crane
46The Wolf
47The Sextant
48The Toucan
49The Indian
50The Octant
51The Hare
52The Lyre
53The Cup
54The Dove
55The Little Fox
56The Bear Cub
57The Telescope
58The Pendulum Clock
59The Painter's Easel
60The Southern Fish
Rank in SizeConstellationEnglish Name
61The Lesser Water Snake
62The Air Pump
63The Altar
64The Lion Cub / The Lesser Lion
65The Ship's Compass
66The Microscope
67The Bird of Paradise
68The Lizard
69The Dolphin
70The Crow
71The Lesser Dog
72The Goldfish
73The Northern Crown
74The Set Square
75The Table Mountain
76The Flying Fish
77The Fly
78The Triangle
79The Chameleon
80The Southern Crown
81The Sculptor's Chisel
82The Net
83The Southern Triangle
84The Shield
85The Compasses
86The Arrow
87The Little Horse
88The (Southern) Cross

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