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'Are you taking pre-natal vitamins? You need to, or your baby will be ugly.'
'I, for one, think intimacy has no place in a marriage. Walked in on my parents once and it was like seeing two walruses wrestling.'
'Why do we need to go all vanilla on this song? What we need is my chocolate thunder.'
'It was a message from God: Rachel was a hot Jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants.'
'What I need right now, even more than looser pants, is acceptance.'
'You sing like a girl. In a good way.'
'Being a boy band did wonders for my love life... we started doing it once a week.'
'I wanna be very clear: I still have the use of my penis.'
'You need new outfits. I got several flashes of panty from your group today and I'm not talking about the girls.'
'We're d-d-doomed.'
'You've got a little mustard in your cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple.'
'He's here! He's here! Josh Groban is here. Front row, big brown eyes, cute as a buttermilk biscuit. I barfed.'
'I want the Thong Song. I want something I can shake my money maker to.'
'Get those sweater puppies out of that cashmere cage!'
'I've never noticed this before because he's always trying to destroy my career, but Mr. Schu has really pretty eyes.'
'I'm just making it sound worse than it is to make him feel guilty, and then you have him by the balls for the rest of his life.'
'I came up with the best baby name of all-time: Drizzle.'
'You need to call me before you dress yourself... you look like a technicolor zebra.'

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