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What video has the most views on Youtube?
What flag has the most colours in it?
Who was the second man on the moon?
What company makes the Bushey Academy's laptops?
Which male activist is famous for their speech, 'I have a dream'?
What year ws the Game Boy released?
Which American boxer did Muhammad Ali lose to in 1971?
What is the place of worship called for Buddhists?
What country has the highest average salary?
What company has a logo in which a boy is holding a fishing rod while sitting on the moon?
Who was the first member of the band 'Queen' to die?
What year was Charles Dickens born?
The chemical symbols of Iron and Argon make what word?
Which famous singer/songwriter that sang Changes died in 2016?
In what year David Cameron first become prime minister?
Name a breed of dog starting with the letter R?
Cube root of One Hundred twenty-Five? (Answer in letters only)
What city was the 2010 World Cup final held in?
Name an element in group 1 of the periodic table beginning with the letter P?
What year was the Battle of Hastings?
What is the name of the chaser called 'The Beast' on The Chase?
What company developed the app 'Temple Run'?
What sea is the Great Barrier Reef located in?
What is the name of the first book in the bible?
What planet is the 4th closest to the sun?

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