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QUIZ: Can you name the Guess kpop mv by 3 words pt. 2?

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HintAnswerExtra info
zombie, policeman, graffitigirl group
hotel, meat, maidgirl group
bootblack, elevator, barberboy group
bike, goggles, skateparkboy group
water, forest, potgirl group
yellow beanie, red, plantsboy group
red dress, bed, nail polishboy group
prison, school, lockersboy group
white pigeon, black stone, rose petalsgirl group
neon lights, street, pink bowsolo girl
plastic cups, TV, postersboy group
kindergarten, kitty, universityboy group
oven, apple, snow whitegirl group
trush, chairs, mannequinsboy group
school bus, baseball ball, gold jewelleryboy group
HintAnswerExtra info
hospital, fight, car parkboy group
motorcycle, poker, hearingboy group
airplane, beach, drinksgirl group
wedding, photography, carsolo boy
car accident, ballet, calendarboy group
subway, water pistol, confettiboy grop
sand, dead tree, fireboy group
beret, measuring device, high heelsgirl group
2047, piano, neonsboy group
pool, washer, pontoongirl group
gears, piano, clocksboy group
whip, TV screens, handcuffsgirl group
cards, black&white, pokerboy group
sushi, mermaids, octopusgirl group
ladybird, arrows, mirrorgirl group

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