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Can you name the American city by it's minimal description?

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Cop sirens
Skeptic paparazzi
Wind and a Ferris Wheel
Lots of tents
Crazy temperatures
Irish drunks
Big, bigger, biggest
At least one guy wearing a LeBron jersey
Mini Cuba
Probably the safest place in the country
Dust storms
Foreign tourists
Can't find a Pepsi
Good or bad? (People wise)
The States' history center
Most underrated city
Black and yellow
Origin of seizures
Wait, this isn't the capital?
iTunes only sells country albums here?
Peyton's first title
Car doors locked
Ever wondered where beer comes from?
Gateway to the South
Ghosts, food, France! What more!
Bigger than it looks...
Another version of Charlotte
Not exactly on a hill
An arch (not McDonald's)
Can someone not say 'Howdy!'
Major basketball
Why is this a state?
Neptune's lake
Newly formed capital of Internet memes
Be careful outside the main attraction
Little known fact: Red Stick in French
A larger Coronado
The birth of the Civil War
The only city that is basically the state
NFL legends
Hockey team relocated from here to Raleigh
America's waterfall?
Infamous for having the same name in two states

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