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Forced Order
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Marius's Grandfather
Thenardier's other daughter besides Eponine
'Pretty Boy' Criminal of the gang Patron-Minette
Marius's best friend whom he lives with; dies at the barricade
Jewish Man who rents costumes to criminals for thirty sou a day (Thenardier rents a costume from him to become a Spaniard in order to convince Marius to give him money)
Valjean's alias while he is mayor of Montreil-sur-meir
Moniker given to Valjean by Marius when they see each other on the Luxembourg
The name that marius thinks is Cosette's after finding a hankerchief with a 'U' on it
Cosette's real name
Alias Valjean uses when living on the Rue Plumet; this is what he is called in the barricade
Man Valjean rescues from being sent to prison; he looks exactly like Valjean
Name Cosette gives her doll that Valjean buys her the night she is rescued from the Thenardiers (youre ridiculous if you get this one)
Valjean's maid while living on the Rue Plumet
General whose death sparks the Parisian Student Uprising of 1832
Fantine's lover who leaves her to care for Cosette on her own
Name of the Bishop of Digne

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