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Forced Order
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The following movies are now past due: Drunken Hussies Three, Backdoor **** Nine, and (blank)3
I won that tournament. F*ckin (blank) 2
Tomorrow we're gonna pecker slap those (blank)3
In her home country of (blank), dodgeball is the national sport.1
Thats it boy. Get in there nice and (blank)2
At Globo Gym, we're better than you! (blank)4
You know, in some cultures, they only eat (blank)1
Unless of course you're into that sorta thing. In that case i got some shackles in the back. hahaha. But seriously, (blank)3
HintAnswerNumber of Words
You're about as useful as a (blank)!3
(blank), go ahead! (I'll give you a hint on this one: Rip Torn says it to Justin Long right before he throws a wrench at him)2
There's no saying no when White Goodman puts on his (blank)2
I'd like to introduce you the team that will be winning the dodgeball open: the Globo Gym Purple Cobras. (Team members names in order please. and White doesnt count.)5
Dodgeball was actually invented in the third century Timmy, by (blank)3
Is it necessary for me to (blank)? No but i do it anyway because its sterile and i like the taste.3
I know. You know. And (blank).8

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