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Can you name the Calvin and Hobbes 2?

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Forced Order
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Calvin's Uncle who only appears in the strip once
Finish the book title: ( ) ( ) Jungle Cat
What does Calvin turn all of his clones into?
When Calvin invents the transmogrifier gun, what does he end up being stuck as?
How does Calvin kill the snow goons?
After Calvins Mom prevents him from throwing crab apples at Susie, what does he plan to throw at her? (This is a toughie)
Where is there Treasure?
Who is his hard-boild detective alter ego?
In order to complete his report on the Tyrannosaurus Rex in time, what does he invent to increase the size of his brain?
How does Calvin catch Hobbes in the very first published strip?
What animal dies after Calvin finds it in the woods despite his best efforts to save it?
What is Itchy Island home of?
What is the name of Susie's stuffed rabbit?
Finish the quote: 'What if someone calls us a 'Pair o' Pathetic ()?''
Who is the creator of the strip?
Finish the quote: 'First there was nothing. Then there was ()!'

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