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Can you name the stuff concerning Calvin and Hobbes?

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Forced Order
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Main Character
Main Character's Best Friend
#2's Species
Grade the Main Character is in
Main Character's main female counterpart
Space travelling alter ego
Heroic alter ego
Secret Club formed by #1 and #2 (full name, not acronym)
Main Character's Rank in the club
Poem that includes the line 'A can of mace, a forty-five, is all id need to stay alive/But no weapon lies within my sight.'
Heroic anthem about running away to Alaska
Planet that Main Characters go to by way of a red wagon
Book in which this happens (for the first time)
Dinosaur-ruled era which #1 often daydreams about
Dinosaur #1 frequently wishes would wreak havoc on his boring neighborhood
What is something under the bed doing?
Cardboard box which enables one to turn himself into any creature he wishes
Finish this sentence: Oog! Ack! I got the ' ' (this is for die hard fans with ridiculous memories)
#2 is demoted from Tiger First Class to Tiger ' ' after kissing #6. (this is for the die hards as well)

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