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When was Mark Antony born?
Where did Antony's first military campaign take place?
In what year did Mark Antony join Caesar's staff in the Gallic Wars?
In what battle in 52 BC did Antony command the Roman cavalry and Caesar effectively destroyed all Gallic resistance against him?
During Caesar's Civil War Antony fought on the side of Caesar, what was his rank in Caesar's army?
At the decisive battle of Pharsalus in 48 BC where Caesar decisively defeated Pompey and his enemies, what flank of Caesar's army did Antony command?
What was the name of Pompey's general who Mark Antony killed himself at the battle of Pharsalus?
Following the battle of Pharsalus, Caesar made Mark Antony the governor of what province?
In 44 BC, Antony was elected consul alongside whom?
What did Antony publicly offer to Caesar (an offer turned down by Caesar) at the Lupercalia Festival in Rome 44 BC?
On the day of Caesar's assassination, Antony (who had found out about the plot the previous) attempted to warn Caesar but was kept outside the Senate and away from Caesar by who?
Who presided over Caesar's funeral?
Following Caesar's death, what was the name of the faction that Antony temporarily became the leader of?
In 43 BC, Antony first came into conflict with who?
In October 43 BC, the Second Triumvirate was formed and was made up of Mark Antony, Octavian and who else?
When did the civil war between the triumvir's and Caesar's assassins take place?
In what battle did the forces of Mark Antony and Octavian decisively defeat and destroy their enemies?
In late 42 BC, the triumvir's divided Rome's territories between themselves. Antony received all of the eastern provinces and for until 39 BC what province in western Europe?
In late 41 BC Antony became the lover of what Egyptian royal who had previously been Caesar's mistress?
What was the name of Octavian's sister whom Antony married in order to seal the two's alliance?
In his lifetime how many Roman wives did Antony take?
How many children did Antony father with a Roman wife?
In late 40 BC, Antony led a failed invasion of which empire?
How many children did Antony father with Cleopatra?
In 34 BC, Antony proclaimed that his territories would go to his children by Cleopatra and Cleopatra herself on his death. What were these proclamations known as?
When did Antony divorce Octavia and marry Cleopatra?
When did the final civil war between Octavian and Antony and Cleopatra take place?
In what battle in 31 BC were Antony and Cleopatra decisively defeated by Octavian?
When did Alexandria fall to Octavian?
What did Antony do after the fall of Alexandria?
Soon after Antony's death, Cleopatra famously committed suicide by allowing what to kill her?

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