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When was Cleopatra born?
What was the name of the Greek royal dynasty ruling Egypt, that Cleopatra was born into?
What is Cleopatra's full name?
What was the capital city of Egypt at the time of Cleopatra?
In 58 BC Cleopatra's father, Ptolemy XII was temporarily overthrown by Cleopatra's sister Cleopatra VI and ________.
In what year did Ptolemy XII regain his throne with Roman support?
In 51 BC Ptolemy XII died and Cleopatra became co-ruler with her brother Ptolemy XIII whom she married, what was Ptolemy's full name?
In what year was Cleopatra overthrown by her brother and his supporters?
Soon after being overthrown Cleopatra tried and failed to raise a rebellion in what ancient city?
In 48 BC Ptolemy incited the rage of Julius Caesar after executing which of Caesar's principal enemies who was also a former consul and a widower of Caesar's only daughter?
In autumn 48 BC, Cleopatra first met Caesar and became his mistress after smuggling herself into his chamber, passing Ptolemy's guards by rolling herself up in what?
What was the name of Caesar's only son by Cleopatra?
In late 48 BC Caesar allied himself with Cleopatra and went to war with Ptolemy, defeating and killing him in what battle in 47 BC?
Following Ptolemy XIII's death, Caesar restored Cleopatra to her throne along with her younger brother _______ who became her co-ruler.
In what year did Cleopatra, Caesarion and Ptolemy XIV visit Rome where they stayed until 44 BC
While in Rome Caesar and Cleopatra continued their affair even Caesar was already married to which Roman woman?
Cleopatra and her entourage returned to Egypt from Rome after what event that took place on 15 March 44 BC?
Who did Caesar make his heir?
In 41 BC, Cleopatra became the lover of Mark Antony after her first meeting with him in what city in 41 BC?
In 40 BC, Cleopatra supported Antony's failed invasion of which empire?
How many children did Antony father through Cleopatra?
In 34 BC, Antony proclaimed that all of Rome's eastern territories would be passed onto Cleopatra, Caesarion and his children by her. What did these proclamations became known as?
When did Antony marry Cleopatra?
When did the civil war between Octavian and Antony and Cleopatra take place?
In what battle were the forces of Antony and Cleopatra decisively defeated by Octavian?
When did Alexandria and Egypt fall to Octavian?
Soon after the fall of Alexandria, Antony committed _________.
Soon after Antony's death, Cleopatra took her own life by allowing what to kill her?
Who was the last pharaoh of Egypt?
Octavian spared the lives of all of Cleopatra's children except one. Who was that child?
The rest of Cleopatra's children were raised by Octavian's sister and Antony's former wife _______.

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