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4They had some afros and almost won
6They are kings of footwork
4They move from the south
1They were a cool 'Kru'
7Won Season 7 with electric lights
5They impacted heavily on the stage
3Started in the 'millennium'
2They were 'sassy'
4Have you ever seen them evolve?
7They are on the Most Wanted list
5'5-1, 5-0' We are all hyped up!
6Asian group. They like noodles
1Girl Group
1Won Season 1
4They got the rhythm in the city
6They are very nice gentlemen
4They are feet kings
6Want to 'request' a song?
7Known for being funny. Like boys
3Quite dynamic if you ask me.
5They have SWAG
5Don't you hate that static noise?
2Definitely distorted.
4They are like art in motion
2Won Season 2 with their 'super' powers
6The crew from Puerto Rico
7Came back for a second try. Orginally from Season 2
4Won Season 4 as the first all-girls crew to win
6Won Season 6. They are themselves like I am myself
2They were acidic in every performance
1A 'Colorful' Group
7Didn't collide on stage
2Fought for the winning title, but lost
3I don't think they 'gop' what it takes
2They had their heart and 'soul' in every routine
5They boogie in the jungle
7They live in the next generation
7Mixing elements isn't always a bad thing.
1Group of 'chicks'
1Roller Skated
3They were masters of the ring
1Jersey Crew
5salt air
7Funky foundation
2'extreme' to the max
1Competed for the Championship
5Hand in poker that is royal
5They won season five with amazing pops and moves
78 members of different flavors
6They got that funk from Boston
1Had 5 group memebers
2They were 'fresh'
6Youngest crew ever and came from New Jersey
2They sure knew how to 'boogie'
3Won season 3 and one of the members is now a judge
6They own the streets and call it their kingdom
3They were all-stars
6They have some jagged moves
3They ahd some nice 'kicks'
3Almost won
7They were quite irratic
3They cut the box
4They sure like monkeys
5They had the blueprints, but didn't win
2They were know for wearing 'packs'
4They are also 'fresh'

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