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Definition 1WordDefinition 2
A garden flower (4)A garden flower (4)
A child's building block (4)Plantlike aquatic organisms (5)
A hawk-like bird of prey (5)An adhesive (4)
A type of lizard occuring mainly in temperate and tropical climates (5)A smelly relative of the weasel (5)
Fully grown (5)Triangular Greek letter (5)
Atomic number 53 (6)The presiding officer of a university (4)
A noisy disturbance (6)Preceding (5)
A large variety (6)To roam about in search of plunder (6)
To agree or approve (6)An arboreal singing insect (6)
A strong accent (6)A thick stew or porridge (6)
Definition 1WordDefinition 2
Abnormal growths (5)Euphoria, perhaps drug-induced (7)
A person with bionic enhancements (6)A floating glacial segment (7)
To amputate or melt away (6)To come to the rescue, esp. financially (7)
Solemn and uncompromising (7)An admirer or beau (6)
A closely grouped bunch (7)A monastery or convent (8)
An enigma (7)Wetness (8)
A small celestial body orbiting the sun (8)To walk with long steps (6)
Jurisdiction (9)A danger or menace (6)
Height above sea level (8)Distance from the equator (8)
A trick or device used to assist memory (8)A person pathologically obsessed with a single subject (10)

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