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Can you name the terms that are also a type of animal?

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A fuzzy brown fruitbird
A trestle or frame used for carpentrymammal
A game with bowlers and batsmeninsect
A superconducting quantum interference devicecephalopod
A patriotic or festive decorationbird
A sneaky or cunning personmammal
The first brand of revolvermammal
A spinning wheelmammal
A moral or emotional burdenbird
A malicious computer programannelid
To impress or intimidatemammal
A failure or dud, esp. financiallybird
An attractive womanmammal
A pontoon or caisson used to raise sunken objectsmammal
A double agentmammal
An insidious personreptile
A very small amountinsect
A clingy, parasitic personannelid
To struggle clumsilyfish
A woman who chases younger menmammal
A brand of construction tractorinsect
A device for lifting large weightsbird
To accept or imbibebird
A device used for battering or crushingmammal
A heavy stick or cudgelmammal
To gloat or boastbird
A famous Arthurian wizardbird
A scoundrel, someone unworthy of romantic attentionmammal
A menacing or blunt fellowmammal
A type of breaststrokeinsect

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