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Spacecapades of a musician-surgeon.1984
A rare-book buyer is asked by a millionaire to find a rare volume that enables the reader to contact the Devil.1999
A neglected high school student meets her dreamy prince at a Halloween ball in this lovely refreshing update of the classic tale.2004
A jive-talkin', lady-lovin' spy from the groovy 1960s is awakened from a cryogenic sleep in 1997 to help the British government find the recently thawed Dr. Evil.1997
A married lawyer's fling with an editor who's single and psychotic.1987
An ex-CIA agent turns Paris upside down when his teenage daughter is abducted by members of a sex-trade gang.2008
An American military officer leads a special squad of soldiers who perform quick strikes against the Nazis in enemy territory.2009
The cocky high school jock, the ugly ducking who turns into a swan, the stuck-up cheerleader -- all the clichés of teen movies are skewered in this uproarious parody of the genre.2001
This heart-wrenching drama centers on young teenager Susie Salmon, who is murdered by her neighbor and watches over her grieving parents from a heaven of her own creation.2009
A young couple who move into their dream home are terrorized by their next-door neighbor, a black LAPD officer who disapproves of their interracial relationship.2008
An all-girl rock trio rises to the top of the charts in this purr-fectly delightful comedy, which takes aim at the pop music industry.2001
A marshal investigates corruption at a mining camp -- in outer space.1981
Medical students experiment with the afterlife by inducing temporary deaths.1990
Peter Bogdanovich's portrait of small-town lives and loves in early 1950s Texas.1971
A squeaky-clean army brat aspires to strut her stuff on 'Dance TV.'1985
High-flying action, spectacular special effects, and an all-star cast recommend this thriller about a group of hardened criminals who hijack a plane.1997
Thriller about an Air Force pilot whose plan to blackmail the government with stolen nukes takes a nose dive when his partner tries to stop him.1996
An investigative reporter assumes a variety of identities while pursuing a scoop.1985
A pothead named Dale witnesses a drug-related hit and goes on the lam with his spacey dealer, Saul.2008
Junior martial artists try to foil a smuggling scheme.1992

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