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Can you name the NBA Top 200 Scorers since the 2000-2001 season?

Quiz Updated Sep 22, 2017

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Primary Team, PositionPlayerPoints
Lakers, G29,403
Cavaliers, F*28,787
Mavericks, F*28,440
Celtics, G/F24,179
Nuggets, F*24,156
Spurs, F/C21,965
Nets, G*21,535
Heat, G*21,317
Hawks, G*20,033
Grizzlies, F/C*20,001
Timberwolves, F19,575
SuperSonics, G19,136
Thunder, F*19,121
Wizards, F18,752
Spurs, G*18,522
Knicks, G*18,084
Mavericks, G*18,058
Grizzlies, F*17,721
76ers, G17,550
Raptors, F17,189
Suns, F17,180
Magic, C*16,652
Magic, G/F16,259
Suns, F/C15,994
Suns, G15,687
Hornets, G*15,610
Nuggets, G15,364
Clippers, F15,200
Thunder, G*15,156
Trail Blazers, F*15,136
Pistons, G15,069
Nets, F*14,874
Warriors, G*14,858
SuperSonics, F14,858
Warriors, G/F14,644
Pistons, G14,173
Timberwolves, F/C*14,091
Jazz, F13,976
Lakers, C13,909
Grizzlies, F*13,860
Jazz, G*13,804
Rockets, G*13,618
Hornets, F*13,539
Spurs, G*13,467
Bulls, F*13,202
Warriors, G*13,088
Hawks, F12,994
Warriors, G/F12,976
Hornets, G12,961
Pacers, F12,864
Kings, G12,846
76ers, G/F*12,683
Clippers, G/F12,552
Pacers, F/C12,492
Wizards, F12,430
Kings, G12,396
Kings, F12,368
Pacers, F*12,192
Bucks, G11,972
Nets, G11,901
Jazz, F*11,890
Lakers, F11,522
Raptors, G*11,456
Wizards, G11,402
Nuggets, G/F*11,395
Pistons, F/C11,336
Pistons, F11,272
Primary Team, PositionPlayerPoints
Knicks, F*11,232
Knicks, G11,106
Bulls, G11,084
Pacers, G/F*11,048
Magic, F11,022
Grizzlies, G/F*10,973
Bucks, G10,759
Timberwolves, F*10,593
Nets, C*10,444
Nuggets, F/C*10,418
Kings, C*10,308
76ers, G/F*10,295
Rockets, G10,200
Mavericks, G/F10,197
Raptors, G*10,162
Bobcats, G*10,146
Clippers, F*10,117
76ers, F*10,065
Grizzlies, G*10,050
76ers, G*10,025
Bobcats, F9,933
Celtics, F9,908
Pacers, F9,855
Cavaliers, C9,761
Magic, G*9,693
Bulls, G*9,594
Grizzlies, C*9,592
Nets, G*9,574
Pistons, G/F9,551
Thunder, F*9,528
Celtics, G/F9,476
Bucks, G9,455
Jazz, F9,431
Wizards, G*9,419
Nuggets, F9,325
Rockets, C9,247
Hawks, C*9,240
Bulls, G*9,155
Hornets, F*9,147
Lakers, G9,143
Bobcats, F*9,139
Hawks, F*9,122
Kings, C9,063
Rockets, G9,058
Suns, G*9,035
Bulls, C*9,002
Hawks, F8,890
Trail Blazers, G*8,883
Rockets, F*8,882
Trail Blazers, G*8,880
Warriors, G*8,854
Kings, F8,735
Cavaliers, F*8,653
Suns, G*8,631
Rockets, F8,610
Wizards, G8,561
Jazz, F/C8,561
Raptors, G/F8,502
Celtics, G*8,437
Grizzlies, F8,408
Timberwolves, G/F8,350
SuperSonics, G8,328
Kings, G/F8,292
Trail Blazers, G*8,257
Cavaliers, G*8,232
Magic, G*8,214
Clippers, C*8,208
Primary Team, PositionPlayerPoints
Pistons, G*8,185
Pelicans, G*8,151
Hornets, G*8,137
Pacers, F*8,090
Jazz, F*8,077
Clippers, G/F8,032
Magic, G/F*8,019
Raptors, F/C*7,873
Warriors, F/C7,860
Bucks, G/F7,767
Suns, G/F7,744
SuperSonics, G7,740
Timberwolves, G*7,729
Bucks, G*7,728
Kings, G/F*7,631
Raptors, G/F7,628
Celtics, G*7,606
Lakers, G*7,604
Trail Blazers, G/F*7,600
Clippers, F*7,589
Grizzlies, G*7,574
Pistons, C/F*7,572
Raptors, G*7,553
Hawks, G*7,545
Pelicans, C/F*7,497
Heat, G7,416
Suns, F/C*7,393
Pelicans, F*7,316
Bucks, F7,306
Mavericks, F7,270
Bobcats, F/C7,256
Thunder, F*7,227
Jazz, F7,221
Nuggets, F/G*7,215
76ers, G*7,191
Kings, G*7,149
Knicks, F/C7,110
Nuggets, G/F*7,053
Pacers, G*7,039
Wizards, F/C*7,028
Jazz, G/F*7,006
Bucks, G*7,005
Suns, G6,998
Nuggets, G*6,977
Kings, G*6,952
Bulls, C6,820
76ers, C*6,814
Bucks, F*6,808
Knicks, G*6,807
Hawks, C*6,774
Nuggets, F6,757
Rockets, G6,739
Bucks, C*6,733
Bucks, F*6,682
Nuggets, F/C6,632
Grizzlies, G6,626
Pacers, C*6,611
Grizzlies, G*6,609
Celtics, F/C*6,575
Timberwolves, G/F*6,561
Grizzlies, G*6,551
Knicks, G/F6,550
Trail Blazers, G/F6,536
Spurs, F*6,508
Heat, F*6,478
Jazz, F6,461

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