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Can you name the things that have a bird in their names?

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Lucrative role in 3 films for Johnny Depp
Former baseball closer for Yankees, Padres and others; elected to Hall of Fame in 2008
Spacecraft commanded by Han Solo
Singer of songs such as 'Soak Up the Sun', 'My Favorite Mistake' and 'All I Wanna Do'
Type of joint used in woodworking
The NFL team located farthest northwest
1986 action movie starring Louis Gossett, Jr. and Jason Gedrick as pilots
The largest city in Arizona
American singer/songwriter, with songs such as 'Lost Without U', 'Magic' and 'The Sweetest Love'; dad is actor Alan
Broadway play and movie whose concept is based on Elvis Presley being drafted into the military
Actor who starred in movies such as 'Patch Adams' and 'Good Morning Vietnam'
2000 animated movie made in Britain and distributed by Dreamworks; Mel Gibson is part of the voice cast
Tchaikovsky ballet composed in 1875-1876
Eurasian country, with 97% being the Asian part
Boy who prefers attics to experimental helium balloons as part of recent hoax
Mouth and throat infection caused by yeast; most common in babies
Song on the Beatles White Album, written by Paul McCartney as a reaction to racial tension in the U.S.
1933 Marx Brothers movie about a dictator of Freedonia
Former MLB player for the Red Sox, among others; now does play-by-play for the Chicago White Sox
1985 film about two men who sold U.S. security secrets to the Soviet Union
Multiple Grammy-winning pianist, drummer and composer known best for his work in 1970's jazz fusion
A term that can refer to a police informant, or a criminal decoy or lookout
Awards given by the Gospel Music Association to honor achievement in Christian music
North, south, east and west
2005 French documentary about Antarctic breeding journeys
U.S. sitcom, running from 1970-1974, about a widower and her 5 kids and their music career
Band that sang songs such as 'Take It Easy' and 'Hotel California'
A group of Catholic bishops who elect a new pope
Third novel written by John Grisham; later made into a film starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts
Laws (named after a character in a post-Civil War song) that segregated the southern United States

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