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QUIZ: Can you name the locations where you learn these Zelda songs?

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Song and GameLocation
Prelude of Light (OoT)
Frog's Song of Soul (LA)
Saria's Song (OoT)
Manbo's Mambo (LA)
Scarecrow's Song (MM)
Song of Light (ST)
Sacred Songs - Farore's Courage, Din's Power, Nayru's Wisdom, Song of The Hero (SS)
Song of Soaring (MM)
Elegy of Emptiness (MM)
Song of Time (MM)
Song of Storms (MM)
New Wave Bossa Nova (MM)
Nocturne of Shadow (OoT)
Goron Lullaby (MM)
Tune of Currents (OoA)
Song of Healing (MM)
Tune of Echoes (OoA)
Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
Song of Awakening (ST)
Epona's Song (MM)
Earth God's Lyric (WW)
Song and GameLocation
Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
Song of Storms (OoT)
Ballad of The Wind Fish (LA)
Ballad of Gales (WW)
Minuet of Forest (OoT)
Sun's Song (OoT)
Command Melody (WW)
Sonata of Awakening (MM)
Wind God's Aria (WW)
Song of Time (OoT)
Oath to Order (MM)
Ballad of The Goddess (SS)
Epona's Song (OoT)
Serenade of Water (OoT)
Song of Discovery (ST)
Scarecrow's Song (OoT)
Wind's Requiem (WW)
Bolero of Fire (OoT)
Song of Birds (ST)
Song of Passing (WW)

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