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Can you name the Thomas The Tank Engine Characters?

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The Tank Engine
The Blue Engine
The Green Engine
The Big Engine
The Red Engine
The Small Engine
The Tram Engine
The Great Western Engine
The Scottish Twin
The Scottish Twin
The Western Engine
The Tank Engine Twin
The Tank Engine Twin
The Diesel Railcar
The Diseasel
The Quarry Diesel
The Diesel
The Smelter Diesel
The Smelter Diesel
The Dockyard Diesel
The Big Tank Engine
The Crane Engine
The Railway Traction Engine
The Beautiful Engine
The Mighty Engine
The Yellow Engine
The Black Engine
The Lazy Diesel
The Pink Engine
The Garbage Engine
The Disobedient Engine
The Silver Tank Engine
The Steam Tram
The American Engine
The Steamworks Engine
The Fun Engine
The Devious Engine
The Bluebell Engine
The Silver Engine
The Master of the Railway
The Old Engine
The Gallant Old Engine
The Small Wheel Engine
The Special Funnel Engine
The Narrow Gauge Diesel
The Rock 'n' Roll Engine
The Fast Engine
The Lost Engine
The Double Sided Engine
The Bus
The Steamroller
The Helicopter
The Car
The Doubler Decker Bus
The Traction Engine
The Vintage Lorry
The Tractor
The Barge
The Crane
The Jet Plane
The Front Loader
The Small Excavator
The Crane
The Big Excavator
The Bulldozer
The Steam Lorry
The Steam Shovel
The Dump Truck
The Dump Truck
The Cement Mixer
The Steamroller
The Transporter

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