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Can you name the enemies and bosses from Ocarina of Time?

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Green ghost sister
Mummified enemy weak against fire
Statues that attack when you get close
Tiny lizard that explodes when killed
Big jellyfish that drop from the cieling
Bio-electric anemone
Rotating statues that shoot lasers at you
Blue ghost sister
Giant ghosts
Tiny jellyfish
Obstacles that slide in a line or circle
Flying blue skull
Phantom shadow beast
Enemies that try to sell you items
Link's shadow
Zombie like enemy that hides underground
Maneating plants
Shrub like enemies
Powerful reptile warriors
Fire breathing lizard
Flame creature that spins around
Chunks of the floor that rise and fly at you
Hand that moves on the ground
Blocks of ice with a freezing breath
Great evil beast
Great king of evil
A gang of ruthless thieves
Mummified zombies
Spawn of the giant spider
Spiders with valuable tokens
Flying green skull
Crow like enemies
Armored monstrosities wielding axes
Red ghost sister
Bat like enemies
Infernal dinosaur
Spiky creatures found in the desert
Shield eating gelatinous monsters
Reptilian warriors
Purple ghost sister
Giant bulldog/pig like enemies
Giant aquatic amoeba
Aquatic enemies that shoot rocks
Dangly tongue like things inside Jabu-Jabu
Flying plants from around Hyrule Field
Mini flying plants
Evil spirit from beyond
Lamp carrying ghosts
Parasitic armored arachnid
Zombies that can freeze you with a scream
Flying lava based skulls
Evil bubbles of doom
Clam like enemies vulnerable on the inside
Skeletal spiders that hang from the cieling
Skeletal spiders that hang on the wall
Sorceress sisters
Rolling spikey rocks
Walking skeletons that come out at night
Skeletal warriors
Manta like enemies that hide underground/water
Parasitic worms
Spider like enemies that hop around
Flame based mollusks
Subterranean lava dragon
Hand that tries to snatch you from the cieling
Snow based lupines

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