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Year of birth
Birth name (First & last)
Condition for which he was hospitalized at a young age
First band he played in
He constantly wore these which earned him his nickname
He was playing in this band at the time he was recruited for the Beatles
Replaced this drummer for the Beatles
Ringo was substituted by this session drummer on Love Me Do and PS I Love You
This Beatles album was named for a 'Ringoism'
Ringo collapesed from this illness before a tour in 1964
The first Beatles song to credit him for songwriting
Ringo's alter-ego/singer for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Name one of the two songs during which Ringo was not present for during the White Album sessions
The first Beatles song composed completely by Ringo
Ringo's first wife
This Beatles song is also known as Ringo's Theme
The only Beatles song to feature a drum solo
Like Paul, Ringo also stuck to this 'diet' but for health reasons as opposed to moral reasons
His first post-Beatles album
Ringo narrated this English children's show starting in 1984
He also starred as Mr. Conductor in this US adaptation
This superband was formed by Ringo in 1989
His second wife
George Harrison originally wrote this biographical song for Ringo's album Stop and Smell the Roses
Ringo's son who has played with bands like Oasis and The Who
Name one of the two #1 singles he released solo
The year he, as part of the Beatles, was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The year he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Ringo's famous catchphrase

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