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Martin Scorsese films are typically set in this American city
Elvis Presley film '______house Rock'
Jack Nicholson starred in the 1972 Bob Rafelson film, 'The King of ______ ______'
AIDS was first broached in a mainstream American film (starring an Oscar-winning Tom Hanks) set in this state
One of the famous original movie palaces is the ______ Theater in Chicago's Loop
The first feature film by the 'Airplane!' creators was a spoof called 'The ______ Fried Movie'
Robert DeNiro chases Nick Nolte across the Cape Fear river in the southern state of ______
Sam Mendes tried his hand at a summer comedy with 2009's 'Away We ______'
Will Farrell meets Maggie Gyllenhaal in 'Stranger than Fiction' when she fails to pay her ______ ______
The movies Gettsyburg and Glory take place during The War Between the ______
The 2001 French/US co-production ______ ______ starred Jean Reno and Tara Reid
Clarice Starling, FBI trainee in The Silence of the Lambs, goes to the FBI academy in Quantico, ______
Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune starred as rival soldiers stranded on an island in 'Hell in the ______'
Burt Lancaster got his last Oscar nomination for ''______ City,' whose title is also very relevent to Monopoly
The main character in the film 'Being There' is named ______ the Gardener
The five State troopers in the 2001 comedy 'Super Troopers' hail from this New England state
The most famous archeologist in film's first name:
Also the name of a hit song, 1989's 'Under the ______' tells the story of rival surfers
In the movie Cool Hand Luke, the title character lops the head of parking meters, no doubt resulting in ______ ______ for everyone the next day
Really sad movies are often said to turn on your _______ _____
The 1991 Best Foreign Film winner (from Italy) is named for this large sea
One of the weaker horror offerings in 2009 was the supernatural film 'The Haunting in ______ '
Robert Altman's 1975 snapshot of country music was set in the capital of this state
Where the Halloween and Wayne's World movies are set

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