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The County were Cromer can be found.
The home of Blencathra (AKA: Saddleback)
Richard the third was found buried in a car park here.
The home of the Spinnaker Tower.
A famous ferry port and white cliffs are found here.
Felixstowe is here
Blackburn, Burnley and Blackpool
Anti-Pasti was a band from this county
A statue of Constantine the first is sitting outside this county's minster
Black flag with a white cross
The only way is...
The capital city is here
This county's cathedral was used to help film the Harry Potter films
Robin Hood is set here
The Humber Bridge connects to the north of this county
A white cross bordered with red on a yellow flag
A castle here shares the same name with a brand of English chocolate
Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland died and is buried in this county
William Shakespeare was born in this county
Gary Barlow from Take That was raised in this county

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