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Can you name the Can you name the major characters of Sonic Sega?

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HintCharacter's NamesHint
Mutation of a certain Hedgehog Due to Master EmeraldGreen
Dark form of main characterToo Powerful
Dr. RobotnikEvil...
Overpowered RobotDesiged by Dr.R also
A twin tailed genius300 IQ
A dark CounterpartPowerful
A EchidnaLight Red
Creater of Shadow ProjectG.R
UnleashedVery Powerful
A petGreen
A CrocodileRoyal to the main character
Fancys MilesGreen
Friend of Blue BlurrHuman
Yellow RabbitYellow
Metal CouterpartDesiged to combat with main character
Fancys the main characterPink
HintCharacter's NamesHint
Robotic DoublePowerful Exoskeleton
Enemy of ShadowDark
Another characterFairly fast as sonic
Waterlike CreatureShapeshifter
fastest hedgehogBlue Blurr
Mecha counterpartPrototype
A Rouge RobotDesiged by Dr.R
A CatPurple
Yellow Rabbit's petSky Blue
Also a CatFire
GrandDaughter of the creater of ultimate life formUnfortunate Ending...
BatAbility to Fly
A ChameleonNinja
A similar type of hedgehogRed
A hedgehog from futurePsychokinetic Powers

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