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Which A is a Pokemon that can change its type depending on its held item? 
Which A is the type of ship used by Fox McCloud? 
Which A is a series featuring Crazy Redd and Tortimer? 
Which B is a real-time strategy on Gamecube with a Wii sequel? 
Which B is the subtitle of the Gamecube installment of Wave Race? 
Which B is a female Bob-omb character in Paper Mario? 
Which C is a vegetable? (The Pikpik type of them is especially coveted by a certain Captain Olimar...) 
Which C is a series featuring a tiny robot doing chores? 
Which C is the company that developed the Hotel Dusk series? 
Which D is a service that provides games such as Mighty Flip Champs? 
Which D is a Game Freak game featuring a girl named Jill? 
Which D is a certain peanut-shooting monkey's girlfriend? 
Which E is the annual conference that Nintendo attend each year? 
Which E is known in Japan as Mother 2? 
Which E is the Westernised version of the rhythm game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!? 
Which F is used by Mario to pump water? 
Which F features Marth, Ike and Roy? 
Which F features Captain Falcon? 
Which G is the main antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword? 
Which G invented the Game Boy Horror? (Surname) 
Which G is a samurai rival of Captain Falcon? (Surname) 
Which H is the company that developed the Kirby series? 
Which H is formed when enough Pieces of Heart are collected? 
Which H is a newcomer in Mario Kart 7? 
Which I challenges Mario to a race in Super Mario Sunshine? 
Which I is the current president of Nintendo (as of 2011)? (Surname) 
Which I is Mario's home country? 
Which J is Mario & Luigi's signature ability? 
Which J is a fellow agent of Spin and Chieftain? 
Which J appears at Christmas-time in Animal Crossing? 
Which K is a title shared by Dedede and Bowser? 
Which K made its DS debut with 358/2 Days? 
Which K was originally titled Twinkle Popopo? 
Which L is Falco's surname? 
Which L is Claus' brother? 
Which L commands the Starship Mario? 
Which M is the final boss of the original Metroid game? 
Which M features an evil moon and takes place over three days? (Subtitle) 
Which M restricts Samus' access to weapons? (Surname) 
Which N lives on Gelato Beach, among other areas? 
Which N is a weekly downloadable show on the American Nintendo Channel? 
Which N was the first main-series 2D Mario platforming game since Super Mario Land 2? 
Which O is a Pokemon based on a tank? 
Which O is Wolf's surname? 
Which O do Link, Aryll and their grandmother live on? 
Which P is Princess Peach's parasol? 
Which P is used to catch ghosts? 
Which P lives in Delfino Plaza? 
Which Q evolves from Wooper? 
Which Q is famous for saying '@#$&!!!!'? 
Which Q is a Pokemon based on the puffer fish? 
Which R is considered the scariest enemy in the Zelda series? 
Which R is in charge of the observatory in Super Mario Galaxy? 
Which R is a popular (and now outlawed) DS flash cart? 
Which S is the setting of Super Mario Bros 2 (the Western version)? 
Which S is the number of years between Young Link and regular Link? 
Which S joins Mario at the Olympic Games? 
Which T combines courage, power and wisdom? 
Which T is the final boss of Super Mario Land? 
Which T is a parallel of Hyrule, and has a threatening moon? 
Which U is a tablet peripheral for the Wii? 
Which U is a toy manufactured in the 1960s, that saw a WiiWare game honouring it? 
Which U released seven launch titles on the Wii? 
Which V is a console that caused eye problems and headaches? 
Which V is a service that allows the download of classic games? 
Which V is a Nicalis-developed indie game on the eShop? 
Which W can only use Mirror Coat and Counter? 
Which W follows Olimar through the Submerged Castle? 
Which W drops apples? 
Which X was the subject of Operation Rainfall? 
Which X is the second form of the DSi? (Subtitle) 
Which X developed Defend Your Castle, a WiiWare launch title? 
Which Y is the focus of Super Mario World 2? 
Which Y is the only main series Pokemon game to be based on the anime? (Subtitle) 
Which Y-based Legacy was collected into Books I and II for DS? 
Which Z is an electric-type zebra Pokemon? 
Which Z is on a quest for Barbaros' treasure with Wiki? 
Which Z was a peripheral used in the NES game Duck Hunt? 

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