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Can you name the car companies and models (current and former) from the broken down words they sound like?

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Sounds LikeCompanyYears in Operation
Cry Slur1924-Present
Impare Eel1955-1975, 1981-1983
Val E. Ant1960-1966
Count in N. Tale1956-1958
Link N.1920-Present
Ed Sell1958-1960
Caddy Lack1903-Present
Car to Car1906-1916
Chev Roll A.1912-Present
L. More1893-1912
You Ing1908-1911
Pointy Ack1926-2010
Sherry Dan1920-1921
Instead Lexington1922
Ape Person1902-1926
Argue Naught1959-1963
At Last Night1912-1913
Blake Lee1972-1987
Down In Detroit1913-1915
Part In Palmer1913-1917
Sounds LikeCompanyYears in Operation
Tear a Plane1932-1938
Mitch Again1903-1911
Lure Rain1920-1922
Jacket Flyer1921
Fib or Fab1964-1996
Knee Son1988-Present
Toy Owe Ta1936-Present
Sigh On2003-Present
Bee Em Double You1928-Present
Mercy Days Bends1926-Present
For Our E.1946-Present
Lamb Bore Genie1963-Present
Moe Tore Care Ear1904
Study Baker1963-1966
Pick Pick1906-1924
Tribal Horn1899-1920
Go Go Mobile1958-1961
Den Is In1900-1905
Day Toner2002-Present

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