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Can you identify the Pokémon based on the given moveset? This is up to Gen VI and answers will be fully evolved Pokes.

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Counter/Magic Coat/Encore/Destiny BondPsychic
Scald/Defog/Roar/Stealth RockWater/Steel
High Jump Kick/Acrobatics/Sky Attack/Swords DanceFighting/Flying
Meteor Mash/Zen Headbutt/Ice Punch/AgilitySteel/Psychic
Icicle Spear/Ice Shard/Rock Blast/Shell SmashWater/Ice
Sacred Fire/Extreme Speed/Bulldoze/Stone EdgeFire
Dragon Dance/Dragon Claw/Earthquake/Extreme SpeedDragon/Flying
Draco Meteor/Psyhock/Roost/DefogDragon/Psychic
Hydro Pump/Ice Beam/Low Kick/Gunk ShotWater/Dark
Hidden PowerPsychic
Mach Punch/Bullet Seed/Spore/Swords DanceGrass/Fighting
Dark Void/Dark Pulse/Sludge Bomb/Nasty PlotDark
Nasty Plot/Dark Pulse/Flash Cannon/Aura SphereFighting/Steel
Hydro Pump/Volt Switch/Will-O-Wisp/Pain SplitElectric/Water
Psycho Boost/Knock Off/Ice Beam/SuperpowerPsychic
Shadow Ball/Overheat/Energy Ball/TrickGhost/Fire
Thunderbolt/Hidden Power/Thunder Wave/Nasty PlotElectric/Flying
Will-O-Wisp/Recover/Knock Off/Foul PlayDark/Ghost
Flare Blitz/Extreme Speed/Will-O-Wisp/Morning SunFire
Scald/Ice Beam/Hidden Power/Tail GlowWater
Bullet Punch/Bug Bite/Roost/Swords DanceBug/Steel
Power Whip/Stealth Rock/Thunder Wave/Leech SeedGrass/Steel
Boomburst/Ice Beam/Fire Blast/Shadow BallNormal
Brave Bird/Quick Attack/Close Combat/U-TurnNormal/Flying
Drain Punch/Leech Seed/Spiky Shield/SpikesGrass/Fighting
Iron Head/Defog/Spikes/RoostSteel/Flying
Secret Sword/Hydro Pump/Scald/Icy WindWater/Fighting
Shift Gear/Gear Grind/Wild Charge/SubstituteSteel
Moonblast/Thunder/Flash Cannon/GeomancyFairy
Scald/Reflect Type/Recover/Rapid SpinWater/Psychic
Brave Bird/Flare Blitz/Roost/Swords DanceFire/Flying
Seed Flare/Air Slash/Earth Power/Healing WishGrass/Flying
Moonblast/Diamond Storm/Hidden Power/ProtectRock/Fairy
Final Gambit/Spikes/Bug Buzz/EncoreBug
Ice Beam/Origin Pulse/Thunder/Calm MindWater
Flare Blitz/High Jump Kick/Swords Dance/ProtectFire/Fighting
Drain Punch/Mach Punch/Ice Punch/Bulk UpFighting
Fiery Dance/Bug Buzz/Roost/Quiver DanceBug/Fire
Fire Blast/Dark Pulse/Nasty Plot/Sucker PunchDark/Fire
Stealth Rock/Earthquake/Dragon Tail/Fire BlastDragon/Ground
Spacial Rend/Hydro Pump/Thunder/Ice BeamDragon/Water
Thunderbolt/Volt Switch/Flash Cannon/Hidden PowerElectric/Steel
Aqua Jet/Superpower/Play Rough/Belly DrumWater/Fairy
Shadow Ball/Flash Cannon/Shadow Sneak/King's ShieldSteel/Ghost
Thunder/Bug Buzz/Giga Drain/Sticky WebBug/Electric
Drain Punch/Knock Off/Gunk Shot/Parting ShotFighting/Dark
Magma Storm/Earth Power/Flash Cannon/Stealth RockFire/Steel
Tail Slap/Rock Blast/Bullet Seed/U-TurnNormal
Fake Out/Return/High Jump Kick/Ice PunchNormal/(Fighting)
Softboiled/Stealth Rock/Moonblast/Calm MindFairy

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