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Forced Order
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A; Coven name of the only daughter of Fiona and Daniel Niall 
B; Name of the witch who temporarily takes over leadership of Kithic 
C; Sky Eventide's sister 
D; Evil force sent after Daniel and Fiona Niall 
E; Morgan Rowlands aunt 
F; What Canadian Indians call themselves 
G; Coven name of Hunter Niall 
H; Youngest ever Seeker 
I; Authority that employs Hunter Niall 
J; Name of Rowanwand witch 
K; Hunter Nialls mentor 
L; Late son of Fiona and Daniel Niall 
M; Lover of Ciaran MacEwan 
N; True name of Justine Courceau 
O; The place where the small town of Foxton is located 
P; City in which Sky Eventide has gone on vacation to 
Q; City in Canada located south of Daniel Nialls residence 
R; Creator of the first Dark Wave 
S; French-Canadian translation for witch 
T; Daniel Nialls former coven 
U; One of the four pieces of clothes Hunter Niall wears 
V; Third letter of the English alphabet 
W; Place in America where Hunter Niall is based  
X; First letter of the English alphabet 
Y; Fiona Niall died before this Wiccan Sabbat 
Z; Twentieth letter of the English alphabet 
Living creatures owned by the witch in the cottage 

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