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QUIZ: Can you name the Answers to the song-based Questions?

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QuestionAnswerWho I Am
Who Plays the Mambas?Starship
What Month is it?Lifehouse
Where will I be for one more night?Counting Crows
How did she get out of town?Matchbox Twenty
What happens when you practice what you preachBlack Eyed Peas
How Long do you have to live?Five For Fighting
What is the grooms-bride?Panic at the Disco
What did I see?Ace of Base
How Many Teeth do I have? (hint: its incorrect)Nelly
When does Everybody Hurt?R.E.M.
What do I wanna do?All-American Rejects
What can't I find?Duncan Sheik
What Have you Become?Avril Lavigne
Where are 1000 Pretty women waiting?Elvis Presley
What aren't I?The Killers
What is she?Roxette
What is the finest of the flavors?Barenaked Ladies
What will you never find empty in California?2Pac
How Far Apart are we?Plain White T's
I'm your what?Red Hot Chili Peppers
What Shouldn't you do?Simple Minds
What Shouldn't you do?Jay Sean
What was Mr. Play-it-Safe Afraid to do?Alanis Morissette
When don't I care about you?The Cure
Where is my Stash Box?Jay-Z
QuestionAnswerWho I Am
Why do I Bleed?Goo Goo Dolls
Do I Remember?Phil Collins
Who is Returning?Mark Morrison
What do you mean to me?Nelly Furtado
Where are you?Celine Dion
What did I come to do?House of Pain
Where am I complete?Peter Gabriel
Where do Jack & Diane Live?John Mellencamp
What are Temples?Murray Head
What Have you done?Jet
When are they gone?
What might you have advice on?Jann Arden
What did the Super Bowl Winner Drive Home in?Kanye West
Who are the Fashion Shoots with?New Radicals
What was she saying?Billy Idol
What is it?Better Than Ezra
What is Life?Tom Cochrane
What do you say I hear?Lisa Loeb
Who Did I hitch a ride with?Sheryl Crow
What is He?Vertical Horizon
Who do I want to rescue me?Mariah Carey
Where are you?Rihanna
What Should you do, if and only if you want to?The B-52s
What Should you do when I'm here?3 Doors Down
What does Virginia's father do?Train

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