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QuestionAnswerWho I am
What is She?3OH!3
What time is it?Matchbox Twenty
When were you born?Jason Mraz
What did he have?Tracy Chapman
What am I addicted to?Saving Abel
What are you?Backstreet Boys
Who don't I like?Avril Lavigne
How tall was he?Maroon 5
What is it too late to do?OneRepublic
If I found you now, how would things be?Yellowcard
What will we sway like?Maroon 5
What do you want?Michelle Branch
What did I just lose?P!nk
What am I bluffing with?Lady GaGa
What is your favorite fruit?Gavin DeGraw
QuestionAnswerWho I am
What do I smell?Marcy Playground
What am I all out of?Natalie Imbruglia
Where Will I go when I learn to fly?Foo Fighters
What is everyone working for?Loverboy
What does she have?Roxette
Where do I crawl?Owl City
What will we be flying on?Jesse McCartney
What was I trying to be?Backstreet Boys
Where do I want to wake up?The Goo Goo Dolls
Don't Tell me to do what?Madonna
What does she do about my dreams?The Click Five
What do I feel?The Veronicas
What Kind of car does the king drive?The Clash
Who do you remind me of?Usher
What did Sunny come home with?Shawn Colvin

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