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Compton rapper who released My Krazy Life in 2014 and Still Brazy in 2016
NC rapper who went platinum with no features twice
New York rapper signed with Young Money who has the most Billboard Hot 100 hits
Rapper from Detroit who put out Hall of Fame in 2013, Dark Skye Paradise in 2015 and I Decided in 2017. He is signed to GOOD Music
Toronto rapper who stole xxxtentacion's flow on KMT
Wu Tang member who has released multiple solo albums, including his highly praised Only Built for Cuban Linx
New York rapper who has hit songs such as Peso and Goldie
Virginia Beach rapper who put out My Name is my Name in 2013
Philly rapper who has the most downloaded mix tape of all time
Odd Future frontman who has put out solo albums as well as OF collab albums
DC rapper who put out The Gifted in 2013
California rapper who has big hits such as Beautiful and Drop it Like its Hot
Philly-based group who has critically acclaimed albums such as Undun, Things Fall Apart and How I Got Over
An Atlanta rapper and comedian who put out an album in 2013, as well as a screenplay with it
A Miami rapper who is known for hit singles such as Hustlin, BMF and Devil is a Lie
Detroit rapper known for controversial lyrics, and is the highest selling rapper of all time
Southern rapper who put out critically acclaimed album Cadillactica in 2014
NY rapper from Wu Tang who has put out multiple solo albums, as well as guest versing on songs such as New God Flow by Kanye West
Chicago based mumbler who has more arrests than albums. GBE Member
New York rapper known for his 1994 album Illmatic
Chicago rapper known for his highly praised mix tape Acid Rap
New York rapper who holds the record for most number one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200 with 13
Atlanta based rap group who has put out classic rap albums like Aquemini, Stankonia and ATLeins
Roc Nation rapper who still hasn't put out his long awaited debut album. He has appeared as a guest on songs such as We Made It Remix and Control
Chicago based rapper who has the eighth most Grammys of ALL TIME
Indiana rapper who has released his highly praised album PiƱata in 2014
Detroit rapper who has put out albums XXX and Old
Two-man rap group made up of Killer Mike and El-P who have released two highly acclaimed albums in 2013, 2014 and 2016
Chicago rapper who has released numerous highly praised albums such as Be and Electric Circus
Chicago rapper who has put out highly praised albums Food and Liquor and The Cool
Compton rapper who is known for his storytelling lyricism, especially on his instant classic Good Kid MAAD City
LA rapper who put out highly praised album Doris in 2013, and is a member of Odd Future
Maryland rapper known for his Young Sinatra mix tapes, as well as his debut album Under Pressure
Cleveland rapper known for his Man on the Moon albums
LA rapper known for albums Oxymoron and Habits + Contradictions
Pittsburgh rapper who is known for his hit single Black and Yellow
Virginia Beach rapper, singer and producer who was a member of Child Rebel Soldier, The Neptunes and NERD
Rapper from Memphis who has had a solo career after being the frontman of Three 6 Mafia
Atlanta rapper who has put out Based on a TRU Story and BOATS 2, and has had guest verses with rappers like Drake and Kanye West
Late New York rapper who put out four albums before his death, and seven have released after his death. FIrst and last name.
New Orleans rapper who has put out some of the highest selling rap albums of all time like Tha Carter 2 and Tha Carter 3
Houston rapper who is a member of GOOD Music and put out Days Before Rodeo in mid 2014
Chicago rapper who was a 2014 XXL freshman of the year, and put out his popular album INNANETAPE in late 2013
Atlanta rapper who blew up after his hit singles Danny Glover and Stoner released in 2013.
3 man Chicago group known for their speedy flow
Late New York rapper who released one of the highest selling albums of all time in 1997 with his Life After Death album. Known as the Notorious BIG.
New York rapper known for his highly acclaimed 1999 album Black on Both Sides. Appeared on a Graduation - Kanye song btw.
Rapper raised in NY who released his highly praised debut Madvillainy with Madlib
Chicago rapper known for his fast rapping and once owned the Guiness World Record in 1992 after spitting 598 syllables in 55 seconds
Brooklyn rapper and producer known for his affiliations with acts such as Mos Def, Yasiin Bey, Common and Kanye West. Appeared on the College Dropout.
LA rapper and actor known for being in NWA and his solo career
Atlanta rapper who has put out successful albums such as TI vs TIP and Paper Trails.
Missouri rapper known for his fast rapping style who put out highly praised album Something Else in 2013. He is named after a handgun
TDE rapper who release his debut album Cilvia Demo in 2014
TDE member known for his mix tapes such as All My Life, as well as his Black Hippy affiliation with Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul and ScHoolboy Q

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