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LyricsSongActual Lyrics
I would enjoy being beneath a large body of water in an [title] vulgaris's [title] with thee.
The masses announce it is thy day of birth, tis my date of birth as well.
During the time of my existence, I have come upon the realisation that thou lies dearest in my breast.
Beloved [title], I beg of you, exit your chamber and frolic.
All of us reside in a [title] submerging vessel.
They may be classified as ovum viri. I, however, am of the genus odobenus rosmarus. Goo goo g'joob.
Fair maiden adores you. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Sweet Loretta Martin assumed she was a fair maiden, but alas, she was another chap.
The previous evening was strenuous, I've laboured similarly to a canine.
LyricsSongActual Lyrics
The masses bear a secret apart from I and my primate.
Should we not engage in sexual congress in the midst of this very thoroughfare?
She informed me she toiled at daybreak and began to guffaw.
I am perplexed as to why thou says, 'farewell!', for I say, 'hail!'
Infant, you may operate my motor vehicle.
She was merely seventeen, if you comprehend what I imply.
Greetings, [title], do not make your present situation worse, take a melancholy tune and improve its quality.
Charming [title], meter maid, not anything shall cometh between us. When dark cometh, I shall haul thy cardiac organ away.

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