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Can you name the people who held office after these famous leaders?

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António de Oliveira SalazarPrime Minister of Portugal
VictoriaKing of the United Kingdom
Chiang Kai-shekPresident of the Republic of China
Napoleon IKing of France
Nicholas IIChairman of the Government of Russia
Konrad AdenauerChancellor of West Germany
Theodore RooseveltPresident of the United States
Prince Otto von BismarckChancellor of Germany
Joseph StalinSenior Sec. of the Soviet Communist Party
Jawaharlal NehruPrime Minister of India
Augusto PinochetPresident of Chile
Mao ZedongChairman of the Chinese Communist Party
SuhartoPresident of Indonesia
Julius NyererePresident of Tanzania
Hồ Chí MinhFirst Sec. of the Vietnamese Communist Party
Kemal AtatürkPresident of Turkey
Idi AminPresident of Uganda
Benito MussoliniPrime Minister of Italy
Mohammad Ali JinnahGovernor-General of Pakistan

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