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Can you name the people who held office before these famous leaders?

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Hugo ChávezPresident of Venezuela
Ferdinand E. MarcosPresident of the Philippines
Adolf HitlerChancellor of Germany
MeijiEmperor of Japan
Wilhelm IIGerman Emperor
Mikhail GorbachevGen. Sec. of the Soviet Communist Party
Saddam HusseinPresident of Iraq
HusseinKing of Jordan
Vladimir LeninPremier of Russia
Gamal Abdel NasserPresident of Egypt
Mobutu Sese SekoPresident of the Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Hendrik F. VerwoerdPrime Minister of South Africa
Haile SelassieEmperor of Ethiopia
Benito MussoliniPrime Minister of Italy
Abraham LincolnPresident of the United States
Robert MugabePresident of Zimbabwe
Porfirio DíazPresident of Mexico
Margaret ThatcherPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
Catherine II the GreatEmperor of Russia

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