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QUIZ: Each haiku pertains to characters in Valve's Orange Box games. Can you remember?

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Egg-shaped bullet fiends | For military testing | 'Target acquired!'
The 'pocket' doctor | Keeps doves with famous Greek names | Wait, a syringe gun?!
Bargained with Combines | His face is always on-screen | Quite a good liar
Dr. Bald-Glasses | Keeps a headcrab for a pet | 'Fiddlesticks, what now?'
Physicist power | A suit bearing a Lambda | Press 1 for crowbar
Peg-leg Dr. Vance | Tragic death at the games' end | Yes, the OTHER Vance
Tough, techy sidekick | Protective of her father | Her shirt's Black Mesa
A mask and a suit | And instant death from behind | Gabe's favorite class
A pro with standards | Pisses in jars for later | Beware the headshot
Impatient expert | Mad about that casserole | Built a cool bomb, though
Ravenholm's last man | You met his congregation | Here, take this shotgun
A force o' nature | What's my name, dummy? Say it | BONK! Time's up, you're dead
The guy on the box | A big gun and a sandwich | Cry some more, babies
She sings 'Still Alive' | Evil AI overseer | The cake's not a lie?!
Mysterious one | The right man in the wrong place | What's in the suitcase...?
The sole caring box | And you just went and killed it! | It had a heart, too...
Rocket jump master | Yelling like a drill sergeant | Everyone's maggots!
Resistance traitor | Then betrays the Combines, too | Found Aperture's ship
Mmph, mm mmh mmm hm | Mm hmhmm nm mph, MM MMMMM | Mm hmph nm nmmm hmm
Sentries, Dispensers | A southern accent to boot | Spy sappin' mah verse!
Built to protect her | Though he's more of a pet now | Wrestles with Striders
Remember Blue Shift? | Pretends to be a CP | He'll buy you a beer!
Silent heroine | Now she's thinking with portals | Is she adopted?
Black Scottish cyclops | Bombs and booze don't really mix | Oh well, sticky time

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