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Can you name the playable characters in the Smash series by these riddles?

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Neither young nor adult, this creature is truly one with nature.
An accidental hero who wants nothing more than the world's riches.
The true meaning of rival, adamant even through their many losses.
They already have two jobs, but they're still a fiery fighter.
The errand runner of a high being, taking flight against evil.
Through sheer fiery strength, they've outgrown their former master.
A true sidekick who's always sticking by, wooden weapons in hand.
Parent and child fighting together, far away from home.
Hard to believe, this brave young hero began an utter coward.
Now you see them, now you don't. And now you're covered in liquid.
Seven michievous siblings, each ruling over a land of their own.
Human and beast alike, their sleek appearance hides a hidden power.
A lab mistake who might never find their purpose in life.
A former soldier, now working to save the world from their employers.
A self-proclaimed ruler with quite a lazy lifestyle.
They never spend much time on the scene before vanishing again.
The delivery man who ended up with an army at his command.
Without their main defense, they might be even more dangerous.
Always seeking a challenge! Watch out for the special moves!
Their carefree attitude is matched only by their momentum.
Cares just as much about your physical health as winning the fight.
Despite the cute visage, give them a touch and you're fried.
An unlikely team hell-bent on leaving some bite marks.
This mercenary leader burns with nothing less than radiance.
Another character wearing different clothes, fighting identically.
Cycled through many professions before settling on saving the land.
Their only weapon is their own life force, and they use it damn well.
Ruling over a different species, a figure pure of heart.
Due to time travel shenanigans, the same person's here twice.
While heroic and true, they sadly stole another's fighting style.
Despite their mischief, they're next in line for the throne.
Custom-built to beat you up and steal your ability.
Since their tragic past, they face danger alone, never with help.
With the sea's power in tow, their cute face hides a skilled fighter.
They achieved most of their famous feats while stuck in a maze.
They have omnipotent powers, but don't use them. That would be no fun.
In a war with two sides, this hellspawn defeats both with grace.
A quick-tempered predator of the skies, and an ace pilot to boot.
Though they spend much time in another's shadow, they've seen hell.
A gifted child destined to save the present from the past.
Pretty dexterous for someone who only sees in two colors.
A demonic being born from a curse, who always returns after death.
Small packages can really pack a punch, and don't you forget it.
Infamous for a kidnapping, they now live in a more natural setting.
All with a curious face, this one's adventures take place at sea.
Concealed by a mask, the honorable warrior leads formidable forces.
An engineer-turned-commander on a huge quest to end world hunger.
A group of warriors using the identities of anybody and everybody.
A time-traveller fighting to prevent a future filled with death.
An expert who can solve a crisis without ever being spotted.
A lone youth who lets others fight, while cheering from the sidelines.
They never get bored of the same nasty plan to kidnap the same person.
Through foresight, they hope to save their world from impending doom.
Power and courage are nice, but one figure prefers to use wisdom.
Not fit for brawling, this one can't fight without hurting themself.
A force of courage, reborn throughout time to keep the land's peace.
A carefree soul who probably just wants to devour everything.
A skilled leader, taking to the stars in their father's footsteps.
Will throw everything in their inventory at you, no matter what it is.
A messed-up clone who literally IS a messed-up clone. Go figure.
Fight them quickly, or they might just float away on the breeze.
Through teamwork, they've braved many a mountain in their time.
A tactician with a mysterious past, and an even more mysterious fate.
To avenge a father and reclaim a kingdom, a hero-king is born.
The one that saved the game industry from the video game crash of '83.
An iconic steed who's been helping their partner since his birth.

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