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QUIZ: Can you name the Arrested Development (A-Z)?

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Hello! (Korean)A
Lucille only filmed these shortsB
Michael introduces himself to Maggie Lizer using this fake nameC
Dead _____ - Do not eatD
This book inspires Tobias and LIndsay to fly to IndiaE
Tobias produces this superhero musicalF
A magician named ______G
Lindsay's cooking specialityH
George Sr's brother's website to get out of jailI
This CNBC personality warned Bluth stock was riskyJ
She wants you to 'Say goodbye to these!'K
George Michael has a poster of this movie on his wallL
Where children shall neither be seen nor heardM
George Sr. and Lucille's preferred name for TobiasN
The drug Steve Holt thinks he gave to MichaelO
Gob worried Michael was escaping to this 'South American' countryP
Tobias was happy to get back into one of theseQ
You can make a huge tiny mistake hereR
A loose one bit off Buster's handS
The Bluths tend to misquote these religious rulesT
The Saddam Hussein lookalike behaved like a ______U
Michael shouldn't have been 'pounding that sweet piece of ______'V
If you let this sit too long it turns into alcoholW
Motherboy ____X
Ron Howard couldn't afford the rights to this songY
Lawyer: Barry __________Z

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