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QUIZ: Can you name the episodes of Red Dwarf featuring these opening words (part 1 of 3)?

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Line;EpisodeSpoken by;
Abandon ship. Black hole approaching. Abandon ship.
Alright, anyone serving or what?
Aw... man...
Cat... you ever see the Flintstones?
For a mild stomach upset, take one teaspoonful.
Hello? Testing, 1, 2, 3... hello?
Lister, have you ever been hit over the head with a welding mallet?
Lister RD-52169
Oh, Marnie!
Okay, let's try again. What is it?
One day in this lousy, stinking penal colony and I'm cracking up.
Line;EpisodeSpoken by;
Oow, yeah, hey budski.
Remember Argyle Somerfield, the old movie star?
Sit down Brook; there's something I must tell you.
Ten o'clock changeover; anything to report?
There's something out there, man. Some kind of UFO.
This is gonna be so good.
This is the daily report of Captain F Hollister of the mining ship Red Dwarf.
Thomas Allman, you have been found unworthy of having existed.
Where is the girl?
Who the hell are you?

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