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QUIZ: Can you name the Russian cities with a population of over 500,000 people?

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Capital City
2nd Largest City
Biggest Siberian City
Named After an Empress
Located Where Volga and Oka Meet
Located on the longest tributary of the river Ob'
A small meteor fell on this city in 2013.
Famous for its manufacturing industry
Capital of Tatarstan, home to the second biggest mosque in Russia
Named After the River it's located on.
Located 100km from Crimea
Capital of Dagestan
Also named after the river it stands on (...-on-...)
Located on the west coast of lake Baikal
Located on the river Amur, 30km from the Chinese border.
Eastern-most city with more than 500K
Located on the river Ob'
An era is named after this city
If translated from Russian, would mean 'Hedgehogton'
If translated into English, the name would mean 'embankment canoes'
Named after a Russian lord.
Name is similar to the original surname of Lenin
Famous for being a big fishing resort

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